Home of the HMS E18 Families Group


The E18 memorial plaque at Pühavaimu Kirik (the Church of the Holy Spirit) in Tallinn was funded by the E18 Families Group and dedicated at a memorial service on Sunday, 30 May 2010.  Our thanks go to Reverend Gustav Piir and his Council for welcoming us to their church.


Pühavaimu is also home to two other memorials from the same period in the history of Estonia.  The Cross of Liberty memorial lists recipients of that honour, which was awarded for services during the War of Independence.  The Baltic Waters memorial commemorates Britsh soldiers, sailors and airmen who lost their lives during the same conflict.

The E18 Memorial at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Tallinn            Photo: Carl Douglas

E18 Memorial Plaque 1 E18 Memorial Plaque 2

E18, Cross of Liberty, and Baltic Waters Memorial Plaques           Photo: Carl Douglas

The crew of E18 are individually commemorated on the three Naval Memorials at Chatham, Plymouth and Portsmouth.  All naval pesonnel who lost their lives in The Great War (and subsequently in World War Two) have their names listed on one of these nearly identical memorials, one in each home port.

Naval Memorial - Chatham Naval Memorial - Plymouth Naval Memorial - Portsmouth

Chatham Naval Memorial          Photo: Commonwealth War Graves Comission

Plymouth Naval Memorial          Photo: Peter Hall

Portsmouth Naval Memorial          Photo: Commonwealth War Graves Comission

E18 is listed on the memorial at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, Gosport, and the crew are also listed on the memorial wall there.