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This website is dedicated to the memory of the crew of His Majesty’s Submarine E18, who lost their lives on Friday 2nd June 1916 when they struck a mine in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Estonia.


The story of those men and their vessel is the story of a little-known First World War campaign, when British and Russian submariners were allied in the fight against their German counterparts.


The story today, nearly one hundred years later, is about the discovery of the wreck in 2009 and the preserevation of E18 as a memorial and a graphic illustration ofthe historic events at that time.


This website aims to keep the E18 story alive by bringing together the present-day families of the crew and anyone else with an interest in that remarkable band of brothers and their boat.

E18 arriving off Dagerort, 12th September 1915            Photo: RN Submarine Museum

E18 arriving off Dagerort, 12 Sept 1915