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E18 Families Group aboard ENS Lembit, Tallinn - 29th May 2010            Photo: Keith Hoffmeister

E18 Families Group aboard ENS Lembit, 29th May 2010

The E18 Families Group is an informal association of descendants of the crew and many others with an interest in preserving the story of the boat and the memory of her crew.  There are no membership fees and no committee - it is enough that you take an interest and occasionally join together.


The group last met in May 2010 to establish the E18 memorial in Tallinn, where we were variously and hospitably received by the Church of the Holy Spirit, The British Embassy, the Estonian Navy and the Maritime Museum.


Since then the Families Group has grown - now there are contacts with 17 present-day families of the crew, as well as many others with an interest in the boat and the discovery of the wreck in 2009.


We have also successfully lobbied the MoD and HMG to add E18 to the schedule of wrecks designated as war graves under the Protection of Military Remains Act.  We are also grateful to the Estonian Heritage Board, who have included E18 as a protected monument under their own Heritage Act.  Protection under both of these laws, with international recognition, ensure that all possible steps are taken to preserve the wreck as a memorial in its own right.


The next gathering will be June 2016, in both Tallinn and Portsmouth, to mark the 100th anniversary of E18's loss.  Please get in touch via the Contact page if you would like to take part at either location.